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Hebei Fangyu Group Hebei Fangyu Group was established in 2005 Hebei Fangyu Group made by Fangyu Hardware Fangyu Mechanics Fangyu Fastener and Fangyu Filter Media Hebei Fangyu have been manufacturing a variety of Hardware and Mechanics and Fastener Since1992 year Our products have been exporting to Europe America middle and Southeast Asia that is the earliest export companys in Hebei We investment one hundred million in Filter media sice 2005year we have been one biggest Filter media producter in Hebei Province We are through ISO900 2000 and ISO 1400 2004 We main product Fiberglass filter media Auto filter paper Nonweoven fabric and Filter media offering Air Filter Media for ASHRAE Filters...

Categories and Products

Glass Microfibers Series

Glass Microfiber Filter Paper of ASHRAE Grade(F6-F9)

Glass microfiber Filter Media-ASHRAE F6 Grade Micro fiberglass Filter Paper for ASHRAE Glass microfiber Filter Media-ASHRAE(F7) Micro fiberglass Filter Paper for ashrae F8 F9 Micro fiberglass Filter Paper for ashrae F9 Air Filter Paper-Fiberglass Fiberglass F8 Air Filter Paper Fiberglass Air Filter Paper F8 Micro fiberglass Filter Paper for air-conditioning systems Ashrae Fiberglass Filter Media Filter Materials of Glass Fiber Filters and Prefilters 65% ASHRAE Glass Microfiber Filter Paper 95% ASHRAE MERV15 Glass Microfiber Filter Paper Mini-pleat Air Filter Paper Glass Microfiber Air Filter Media F6 Glass Microfiber Air Filter Media F7 Glass Microfiber Air Filter Media F8 Glass Microfiber Air Filter Media F9 Low and Medium Efficiency Micronfiber Filter Paper Coils of Borosilicate Glass Microfiber Filter Paper 

Glass Microfiber Filter Paper of HEPA Grade (H10-H14)

Auto Air Filter Paper For The Car Spunbond PP HEPA Auto Air Filter Paper H13 mini-pleat fiberglass HEPA filter paper H14 fiberglass HEPA air filter paper H13 fiberglass HEPA air filter paper H10 HEPA fiberglass air filter paper H13 fiberglass 0.3 micron HEPA filter paper HEPA-High effeciency Glass Microfiber Filter Media Micron Replacement Fiberglass HEPA Air Filter Core HEPA Glass Air Microfiber Fiber Filter Media HVAC System Hepa glassfiber Air Filter No partition board Glassfiber Paper 99.97%(H13) Glass Microfiber Filter Paper 99.99% (H14) 0.3Micron Glass Microfiber Filter Paper MERV 5 Fiberglass Air Filters Material High efficiency H13 fiberglass filter paper Micron Fiberglass Hepa Pleated Filter Paper 0.3u Porosity H10 Filter Paper Fiberglass Filter Paper for Absolute HEPA Filters Hepa glassfiber Air Filter for HVAC System 

Glass Microfiber Filter Paper of ULPA Grade(U15-U16)

Micro fiberglass Filter Paper for ULPA 15 Micro fiberglass Filter Paper for ULPA ULPA grades Glass Fiber Filter Media ULPA grades Glass Fiber Filter Paper U16 ULPA Fiberglass air filter paper U15 Glassfiber microfiber ULPA air filter paper ULPA Fiberglass Filter Media U16 Air Filter Paper U15 Air Filter Paper ULPA Fiberglass Air Filter Paper U16 for Facial Mask HEPA and ULPA air filtration media U15 Glass microfiber ULPA air filter paper Glass fiber filter paper in rolls Fiberglass air filter paper U15 U15 Micro fiberglass Filter Paper for ULPA Fiberglass Air Filter Paper ULPA U15 0.3u Porosity H10 Filter Paper-Fiberglass Medium Material Glass fiber filter media Fiberglass dust collection bag 

Composite Glass Fiber Paper

Composite fiberglass filter media for oil/liquid filtration Composite Fiber Glass Filter Paper Laminated Fiberglass Filter Media 1um Oil filter Paper Laminated composite fiberglass filter media 2-3um Laminated composite fiberglass filter media 4-6um Laminated composite fiberglass filter media 10um Laminated composite fiberglass filter media 25um Laminated composite fiberglass filter media 15um Laminated composite fiberglass filter media Fiberglass air and liquid filtration paper Fiberglass95% ASHREA Material MERV 8 Pleated Air Filter Paper Fiberglass filter paper for oil filtration Glass Fiber Laminated Filter Paper for liquid filtration PET Fiberglass Filter Paper Liquid and Air Filter Composite Fiberglass Media Composite Fiberglass Filter Paper & Media Oil and gas separation Filter Meida Laminated Composite Filter Paper Roll Media 

Glassfiber VIP Core Materials

Fiberglass Vacuum Insulation Panel VIP Vacuum Insulation Panel Heat Resistance Material Vacuum Insulation Panel Microfiber glass Vacuum Insulation Panel Vacuum Insulation Panel Fiberglass Thermal Insulation Dry method VIP Core Materials for refrigerator Fiberglass board for advanced adiabatic vip panels VIP core for electronics Advanced thermal insulation material VIP core material VIP Insulation Vacuum Panel Core Insulation VIP Core Material Vacuum Insulation Panel Glassfiber 

AGM Separator

AGM Separator for Valve Regulated Lead-acid batteries AGM Separator Fiberglass Battery Separator Fiber Glass Battery Separator Hight specific surface area battery separator Auto battery AGM Separator AGM Separator Battery Spare Parts Fiberglass Tissue Compound AGM Battery Separator Glass Mat Fiberglass AGM Separator AGM Battery Separator Fiberglass Tissue Compound Automobiles and motorcycles battery AGM Separator Lithium battery fiberglass separator 

Glass fiber Construction Insulation Materials

Fiberglass Cryogenic Insulation Materials Glass fiber cryogenic insulation paper Inorganic granulated glass wool Fiberglass Loose Fill Insulation Glass wool For Steel Structure Buildings Formaldehyde free glass wool Formaldehyde-Free white colour Glass Wool for insulation Fiberglass thermal insulation blanket High temperature fiberglass insulation blanket mat Glass wool blanket for under deck insulation Insulation white glass cotton material 

Glass Microfiber Thermal Insulation Materials

Glass Microfiber Thermal Insulation Panel Sound proof formaldehyde-free white fibre Formaldehyde-free loose white fibre glass wool Glass Wool with Centrifugation Glass Wool with Blowing Process Prayed Acoustic Insulation Fiberglass Wool Blown Raw Material Micro Glass fiber Thermal Insulation Material Fiberglass insulation Glass Microfiber insulation fireproof soundproof Blowing loose fiber glass wool blown in insulation 

Oil And Air Separator Paper

Fiberglass Filter Media For Oil and Air Separator Glass Microfiber Oil and Liquid Filter Media Oil air separator glassfiber filter paper Glassmicrofiber Liquid - Gas Filter Paper Filter Paper for Oil and gas separation Fiberglass Filter Paper for Air Compressor Composite fiberglass filter media oil -liquid filtration Air and Liquid Filtration Filter Media Laminated Fiberglass Filter Paper Air Purification Filter Material Composite glass fiber filter paper 

Fiberglass Air Filter Paper

Fiberglass Air Filter Paper Fiberglass Air HEPA Filter Paper HEPA Fiberglass Filter Paper for air filter Fiberglass Air Filter Media F8 Micro fiberglass Filter Paper 0.3 Micron fiberglass filter manufacturing HEPA filter paper Air Filter Media for ASHRAE Filters Glass Microfiber Filter Paper for Air Filtration Glass micro fiber filter media Glass Microfiber Filter Media 100% Micro-fine borosilicate glass fibers media Glass Fiber Filter Paper 

Paint Stop Filter Media

Fiberglass Paint Stop Filter Media G4 Filter Washable Hvac Filters Material Pre Filter Media For Air Filter G3 Synthetic Fiber Prefilter Materials PS100 Spary Booth Fiberglass Filter Fiberglass Paint Stop Filter Medias Spray Booth Ceiling Filter G4 Spray Booth Pre Filter Roll Air Filter Media of Fiberglass Filter Pad Fiberglass pads paint stop for spray booth 

Glass Microfiber Air -Laid Mat

Glass microfiber air-laid mat Air filters media glass microfiber mat F7 glass microfiber media air intake bag filter Air laid cotton blanket 5 μm Fiberglass insulation blanket mat Fiberglass insulation blanket mat G1 Efficiency and New Condition fiberglass filter media G2 Efficiency and New Condition fiberglass filter media G4 Efficiency and New Condition fiberglass filter media 

Latest Air Filtration Media

Glass Fiber Bag Filter Media Wire Mesh Backed Composite Filter Media PP Mini Pleat Filter Media Composite Bag Filter Media F5/F6/F7/F8 0.3um H13 Hepa Filter Material Roll Air Purifier 0.3 Micron Fiberglass Hepa Filter Paper Mini Pleated Hepa Filter Media Paper Roll Microfiber Glass H12 Filter Paper For Air Filter 99.97% Glassfiber Air Filter Paper for Filter PPHepa Filter Paper Roll Polyester and Fiberglass Air Filters Media Cardboard Synthetic Dust Filter Material Fiberglass Media for Ventilation Bag Filtes Fiberglass Media for pocket filters media Synthetic and Fiberglass bag filter media Panel filter media material Wire Mesh Backed Composite Fitler Meida 

Non Woven Fabric

PET Polyester Spunbond Non-Woven

PET Polyester Spunbond Non-Woven Fabric PP Oil Absorption Felt Auto Ceiling Filter Media Polyester Synthetic Fibre Filter Media PET Spunbond Nonwoven Fabric 80%-99%Medium-high efficiency nonwoven filter felt Medium-high efficiency nonwoven filter felt HVAC filter medium air filter non woven fabric G4 efficiency HVAC non woven fabric Pleat Panel Filter Media 

Meltblown Nonwoven

Melt-Blown Polypropylene Fabric Media Polypropylene Melt-Blown Filter Media PP Melt-Blown Filter Media Acoustic and Heat Insulating Materials Laminated Composite HEPAFilter Media Material Composite Bag Filter Material 

Activated Carbon Nonwoven Fabric

Activated Carbon Nonwoven Fabric Activated Carbon Composite Filter Media Activated Carbon Fabric For Bedding Activated Carbon Air Filter Fiber Sheet Auto cabin filter medium carbon cloth 560g auto cabin filter medium carbon cloth HVAC G4-F9 Non Woven Activated Carbon Fabric 

Nonwoven Filter Bag

Non Woven Filter Bag High Dust-Loading Bag Filter Media All-synthetic meltblown polypropylene media Melt Blown Pocket Filter Media 

Non Woven Fabric Series

Geo-textile non woven fabric Non woven Fabric for Auto Filter PP car filter cloth Synthetic Wire Mesh Backed Laminated Filter Media Metal Mesh Laminated Filter Media Non-woven wire mesh air filter media roll Wire mesh Backed Media Synthetic Wire Mesh Backed Laminated Filter Media Pre-filter material 

Auto Filter Paper

Auto Air Filter Paper

Auto Air Filter Paper Crepe Filter Paper for Diesel Filter Auto Car Filter Paper Air wood pulp filter paper Heavy Duty Air Filter Paper for Air Filtration Corrugated&Panel Auto Air Filter Paper High Filtration Efficiency Industrial Air Filter Media Air Filter Paper for Truck Filters 100% Wood Pulp Auto Filter Paper Light duty air filter paper Wood Pulp Acrylic Auto Air Filter Paper Automotive Filter Paper-Industrial Paper Hepa Auto-industry Filter Paper Wood pulp car air filter paper Filter paper in plain and corrugated Air filter paper rolls Auto air filter fabric Auto Air Filter Media Paper Car air filter non-woven Paper board filtration fabric 

Auto Oil Filter Paper

Auto Oil Filter Paper Acrylic and Phenolic Resin Oil Filter Paper 

Auto Fuel Filter Paper

Auto Fuel Filter Paper Fuel Filter Paper for Motorcycle Cellulose auto filter paper 

Steel Metal Wire

Galvanized Wire

Galvanzied wire for Kitchen Scrubber 0.22mm Galvanized Wires for scourer Galvanized round wire for cleaning ball Hot dipped Galvanized wire for cable Armour cable Galvanized wire 2.5mm Armoring Cable Galvanized Wire Vineyard wire Hot dipped galvanized wire for Grapes Galvanised Round Wire 0.23mm for pan mesh scourer Metal scrubber wire 0.20mm Galvanized round wire scourer wire Galvanized Scourer Wire Pot Scourer materials Galvanized Steel Wire for cotton baling 

Copper Wire

Copper Wire for Metal Scourer 

Stainless Steel Wire

Stainless Steel wire for kitchen cleaning ball 

Wire Product

Stainless steel safety mesh gloves Ring Mesh Gloves-Three finger Working gloves anti garments cutting Three fingers stainless steel cutting gloves Stainless steel butcher safety ring mesh gloves Chain mail gloves with EVA strap 5 cut resistant stainless steel mesh glove Cut Resisting Butcher Stainless Steel Glove Ring Mesh Gloves-Five finger Ring Mesh Gloves- Long cuff Strengthening Concrete Steel Fiber Steel fiber for reinforcement of concrete 


Hot Galvanized Forged Eye Bolt

Hot Dip Galvanzied Steel Forged Eye Bolts 

Steel Flat Cross Arm Braces

Steel Flat Cross Arm Braces 

Fastener Series

Hexagon Nut / Hex Nut for fasteners 

Chain Series For Industrial And Mining Accessories

Lifting Chain Series

G80 Lifting Chain Black Chain 

Mine High Strength Chain

Mine High Strength Chain 

Expand Metal Mesh

Standard Expanded Metal

Standard Expanded Metal Mesh Expanded metal - Light and Small Meshes EXPANDED METAL Mesh- Micro Mesh EXPANDED METAL Mesh- Security Fencing EXPANDED METAL - LARGE, HEAVY & GRATING MESHES Regular Diamond Expanded Metal Expanded Metal Security Doors Aluminium expanded metal Mesh Powder coated Aluminum expanded metal mesh Expanded Metal Mesh for Filter Air filter expanded metal mesh 0.5 mm Expanded metal filter mesh Micro hole micro tube Expanded metal mesh 

Flattened Expanded Metal

Galvanized Flattened Expanded Metal Flattened Expanded Metal Mesh Electro Galvanized Expanded Metal Hot Galvanized Expanded Metal PVC Coated Expanded Metal Expanded Metal Application Flattend aluminum expanded metal mesh Galvanized Flat expanded metal Aluminum flattened metal mesh 

Expanded Metal Grating

Heavy duty Expanded Metal Grating Light and heavy Expanded Metal Grating Industrial Expanded Metal Mesh Security Expanded Metal Fence Middle heavy duty expanded metal Diamond expandable metal mesh 

Plastic Pipes

HDPE Double Wall Corrugated Pipe

HDPE double wall corrugated pipe 

HDPE Steel Strip Reinforced Corrugated Pipe

HDPE steel strip reinforced corrugated pipe 

HDPE Water Supply Pipes

HDPE Water supply pipes HDPE Plastic Pipe for Water Supply PE100 Plastic HDPE pipe for water supply 

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